Workload Allocation Modeling

Romanyk Consulting Corp. (RCC) has developed a custom Workload Allocation Modeling (WAM) solution. Our WAM solution currently has a patent pending with the United States Patent Office. WAM is designed to clearly define ideal service locations, optimize end user access, identify current and future workload expectations, determine provider staffing requirements, and optimize space use for involved locations. The identification of these critical issues and potential gaps, allows planners and leadership to make effective strategic planning decisions for involved locations based on objective data.

Data driven modeling is critical in effective strategic planning. Such modeling allows for objective data based decisions, by identifying and prioritizing design or construction projects with the greatest impact. Utilizing our WAM solution, planners and leadership can be assured that current and future location space needs are maximized while stakeholder and end user needs are addressed. RCC collaborates with our client, in order to “build the bridge” to align current location capabilities with future needs. Our WAM solution provides the bridge to get from here to there, ensuring planning success.

Our WAM solution can be applied to any sector where future network or system planning involving multiple locations is necessary. WAM is flexible to adaptation and has been utilized successfully in strategic planning for large complex healthcare systems and small healthcare networks.

RCC’s WAM solution combines future strategic direction and vision of involved leadership with detailed analyses. The WAM planning solution typically covers a five to twenty year planning horizon, providing a comprehensive longitudinal strategic and capital planning process.

The WAM process requires involved planners and leadership to view their service area holistically. Access and space utilization is focused on and is a priority in order to enhance the end user experience. Additionally, leadership by use of our WAM solution can create hypothetical situations or “what if” sites of care or service line scenarios rapidly. This empowers planners and leadership to strategic plan, and see the impact of decisions made, utilizing multiple scenarios quickly.

The WAM solution allows our clients to develop, refine, visualize, and clearly understand strategic planning initiatives, as well as direction related to workload and space, prior to breaking ground on new construction projects. Furthermore, unnecessary or avoidable remodeling, renovation, and new construction projects can be identified and removed prior to incurring costly construction expenses. The WAM solution removes the planning unknown and provides value by clearly defining workload expectations, staffing needs, and space gaps at all involved locations over an established planning horizon.