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People, Systems, and Strategy




Consider the basic composition of organizations. Any of the several types will do: service, production, for-profit, social, etc. Arguably, people, strategy, and systems constitute the three most basic or primary elements of an organization. One could easily think of these three elements as the fundamental core or foundation. As such, it stands to reason that the beginning of effective knowledge about ones organization starts with understanding the nature of these three elements.

Said another way, successful leadership recognizes an organization’s fundamental nature as essentially a dynamic relationship between people, systems, and strategy. Clearly, these three elements do not exist independent from one another, and while each is complex enough by itself, the involvement of each one with the others creates supremely intricate and complex relationships whose causation have a profound impact on performance.

By improving each of the three elements and carefully aligning them, giving specific attention to their interaction, an organization can become increasingly effective. Any treatment of the organization that is not holistic in this regard, at least in its considerations, exposes the organization and has an increased risk of being ineffective or even damaging.

To be sure, while the three elements together constitute an organization, the interactions between the individual elements form specific relationships that also help to shape and define it. Understanding these compound elements and how they can be affected enables an organization to maximize performance. Specifically, the three relationships introduce opportunities in the areas of business model design, organization development, and change management.

Fundamentally, improvement efforts can be derived from the application of a basic systematic improvement model, such as assess-design-develop-deploy. Such efforts range in scope from broad stroke to acute application and may include the following:

  • Gap and Organizational Health Assessments
  • Strategic Planning and Business Model Design
  • Management Systems Development
  • Value Analysis and Process Improvement
  • Change Management and Business Transformation
  • Leadership and Management Development

While the nature of organizations and any sort of interaction with or within them simply cannot afford to be limited to a two dimensional model, this relatively simple approach, whose aim should be to strengthen and harmonize the three elements, can be effective.

Globalization, the information age, as well as a deeper and broader pool of talent born from a more prolific education system have all leveled the playing field and created a highly competitive and frenzied environment. Successful organizations, the “winners”, are highly adaptive and nimble.

How do they do it? With fundamentals.

Responsiveness, consistent delivery of value, and robust organizational design come from understanding the three basic organizational elements of people, systems, and strategy.

Romanyk Consulting can assist your organization return to fundamentals. We provide solutions in strategic as well as information technology planning, operational and organizational assessments, business transformation, operation support system analysis, as well as process reengineering and implementation. If you would like to know more about services offered by Romanyk Consulting, please contact us or visit us online at Assisting your organization, as a team, to achieve optimum performance and resolve issues is what Romanyk Consulting stands for.

Romanyk Consulting is a verified United States Department of Veteran Affairs Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), a certified 8(a) Business Development Program participant, and self certified Small Disadvantaged Business Program participant in the United States Small Business Administration (SBA).

Added Healthcare Solutions and Resources to Better Provide for Our Clients
Romanyk Consulting Welcomes Eric Kutche to the Team




Romanyk Consulting is excited to welcome Eric Kutche to the team!

At Romanyk Consulting, we strive to stay ahead of challenges, issues, and opportunities that face our clients within their industry. We also are relentless in our pursuit to provide greater value for our current and potential clients. The addition of Eric has expanded our team’s capabilities to better provide for our clients and their needs.

Eric brings 19 years of healthcare industry experience alongside a unique skill set to achieve creative, broad scope analysis as well as tactical implementation. His capabilities include strategic, operational, and capital improvement planning, project management and business development. Eric is a Registered Architect, holds a Masters Degree in Healthcare Administration, and is a proven Senior Medical Planner as well as Facility Master Planner. He is a visionary leader adept at conceptualizing, communicating, and executing strategic facility vision aligned with operational strategy. Healthcare planning projects lead by Eric aim to and consistently achieve the following outcomes:

  • Program and facility plans emphasizing facility investments through logical and timely implementation of projects.
  • Operational efficiency opportunities through improved patient and system flows, facility changes and potential program and service consolidations.
  • Information management tools to better manage capital assets, monitor changes in care delivery and identify opportunities for improved financial performance in a changing environment.
  • Development of client teams through a planning structure and process to monitor operations and facility development and post-integration implementation.
  • Improved customer responsiveness through facility changes including “system” orientation regarding patient flow and image, employee workplace improvements and way-finding.
  • Maximization of current facility assets to support client’s mission of patient care, education and community service.

The tools and accomplishments Eric brings to Romanyk Consulting, will enhance and strengthen the solutions and services we proudly stand behind and continue to provide for our clients. Again, we are excited to have Eric join the Romanyk Consulting team and look forward to the value he will bring to our client relationships.