What is Building Information Modeling (BIM)? How can Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Support My Facility?
Services to Enable Your Staff, Planning, and Facility


In order to plan effectively, it is critical for a facility to maintain an up-to-date space inventory. A facility simply cannot plan without a current and accurate understanding of space. Yet, maintaining such essential needs is cumbersome, challenging, and difficult. Additionally, how does a facility maintain an up-to date space inventory with constant renovations, expansions, and department relocations? The solution lies with a simple Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Space Management Service that is integrated with the latest Building Information Modeling (BIM) software technology.

The ability to streamline business operations, reduce oversight, and enable technology has become more critical with limited resources. Contracting out important Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Space Management Services directly reduces managerial duties and eliminates cumbersome tasks assigned to valuable facility management staff. Outlined below are CAD services which create significant value and provide unique benefits to you and your facility. RCC understands that each facility and client is unique with different needs, therefore, we provide an initial assessment on the level of CAD support services that are best for you.

Customizable CAD with Integrated BIM database

RCC uses the latest Building Information Modeling (BIM) software technology to create an electronic CAD format with an integrated BIM database. But, what is BIM? BIM is an information-rich, model-centric process that utilizes all the necessary data to document existing building information essential for strategic and capital planning. This information significantly enhances the development of capital and non-capital projects and adds value across the lifecycle of infrastructure assets. BIM consists of a compilation of intelligent components that contain not only physical attributes but also functional behavior familiar in architectural design, engineering, and construction. BIM is important for identifying your priorities in three primary categories:

  • Increase clarity of project intent for all stakeholders – better informed decision making and reducing risk
  • Ensure data fidelity and continuity across the lifecycle of a project – improving quality and productivity
  • Provide the critical foundation for business agility – utilizing technology enablers to maximize opportunities


BIM provides insight for creating and managing building and infrastructure projects faster, more economically, and with less environmental impact. BIM software also includes a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for design, visualization, simulation, and collaboration that uses the rich information in the intelligent model to facilitate better decision-making. The use of this latest technology adds value, not cost and enables an infinite customization ability that accommodates your needs. RCC’s BIM formatted platform simplifies the reconciliation of space tracking, establishes a current baseline of accurate facility space, and permits the ability to visually compare actual spatial conditions to future considerations.

Conceptual 3D CAD Illustrations

RCC understands that it can be difficult for some people to interpret and visualize conceptual ideas on 2D drawings. We embrace alternative perspectives by creating supporting conceptual 3D illustrations. These illustrations help you envision and determine if proposed master planning recommendations are viable solutions, simplify space analyses when space planning, and simulate real life scenarios.

Client Online Encrypted CAD Access

Upkeep of internal documents is challenging due to changes in personnel and storage locations. Client Online Encrypted Access eliminates dilemmas for misplaced documents. The online encrypted access is available 24/7, which benefits you by allowing access to complete project details (including current and archived drawings), a complete revision history of a projct, and other supporting project documents as needed.

CAD Maintenance Updates

RCC has flexible maintenance plans based upon your needs. We strive to optimize your facility staff’s time by nearly eliminating the need for managing internal CAD operator time. In addition, our maintenance plans can be customized for specific needs. One such example has been applied to our Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) clients, where we mitigate the task of tracking space per policy requirements of the VA Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Memorandum 2013 “Freeze the Footprint.”

CAD Capital Asset Inventory (CAI) Updates


Again, similar to our CAD maintenance plans, RCC can customize CAD needs for very specific requirements and outputs. Our team has been supporting the VA, and requirements within the VA for an accurate and current Capital Asset Inventory (CAI). Within such an effort, RCC validates any CAI discrepancies by using an accurate and accountable process for tracking all inventories within your facility. Within our process, we use a graphical and statistical approach of managing and tracking the facility’s current conditions. All RCC CAI deliverables are customizable with the purpose of helping support the VA’s yearly Strategic Capital Investment Planning (SCIP) process and Master Planning efforts.

If you would like to learn more about CAD, BIM, or any other services we offer please contact us at or call us at 855.424.3838 ext. 300. We are pleased to share any additional information, demo any services, and actively listen to your needs in order to provide services and solutions that will greatly benefit you, your staff, and your facility.

Proud Sponsor of the 2013 National Veterans Small Business Conference
Pleased to Sponsor and Support the Department of Veterans Affairs

Romanyk Consulting is proud of our recent sponsorship and participation at the 2013 National Veterans Small Business Conference. The annual event was held August 6-8 in St. Louis, Missouri at the America’s Center Convention Complex. The conference featured over 300 exhibitors, including the Romanyk Consulting booth pictured below.


This year’s conference had more than 3,700 attendees and nearly 600 Procurement Decision Makers. The event allows, encourages, and enables Veteran-Owned Small Businesses, like Romanyk Consulting, to develop new as well as build upon prior relationships within the VA. Our team enjoyed participating in the exhibitor’s hall, plenary sessions, networking roundtables, and other special events provided during the conference. The event included almost 500 Federal Government participants and over 2,400 participants from small and large businesses.

We thank those individuals that met with us during the conference and we look forward to building on relationships discovered during our time in St. Louis. Romanyk Consulting has participated in this annual event for several years now and we look forward to participating again in 2014.