TheFocusV4I2Comprehensive Healthcare Planning Services
Successful Healthcare Network and Facility Planning for the Future


Romanyk Consulting Corp. (RCC) has developed a planning process with custom tools and specialized resources to provide Comprehensive Healthcare Planning Services (CHiPS) for entire healthcare networks. Such planning is crucial to align facility capabilities and end user needs with overall network strategic goals and direction. Within our process, issues and potential gaps are identified, options explored, and solutions (both capital and non-capital) implemented to best align desires of the healthcare network.

Our process and series of services enable a healthcare network, comprised of all facilities within the network, to plan, prepare, and realize optimal care delivery. Elements of our CHiPS planning process are currently patent pending with the United States Patent Office. Our team works collaboratively to optimize all aspects of care delivery including key areas of quality, workload, and finance.

Our CHiPS process addresses the big question, how does a healthcare network optimize its delivery of healthcare services for end users?

Many considerations and elements of comprehensive planning are addressed to align a healthcare network for future success. Such considerations include streamlining operations to better support delivery of quality health care, optimizing workload in order to best align specific facilities strengths in service delivery, as well as exploring and establishing partnering opportunities that financially align with care delivery. Our team has supported healthcare planning both domestically as well as internationally, and we have successfully completed elements of our CHiPS process within several Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) healthcare networks. Overall, our CHiPS process aims to bridge the gap between a healthcare networks current situation and desired future state.

CHiPS is comprised of a custom three-tiered series of service offering, designed and developed by RCC resources. Our custom series of services include the following steps which focus on answering key questions in order to realize solutions that optimize the delivery of network healthcare services:


Each service is vital within the process in order to position a network, inclusive of all stakeholders, end users, and facilities, with an optimal as well as feasible comprehensive plan. Within CHiPS, we collaboratively complete detailed market analyses, demographic studies, facility and network services inventory, workload allocation estimating and provider requirements, network investment and asset optimization, facility as well as network strategic development, master planning, and much more.

Our process produces an executable series of operational and facilities driven solutions with economic understanding of the given current environment. CHiPS provides clear outputs allowing healthcare network and facility leadership to understand future direction and mission with absolute clarity. We collectively align a network for optimal use of valuable assets and current investments. Short term as well as long term comprehensive planning with strategic implementation schedules are captured and provided.

Additional services that RCC can provide related to comprehensive network planning include patient and process flow reengineering as well as patient centered medical home training and implementation.

If you would like to learn more about CHiPS and the series of services included, please contact Eric Kutche at or 972.625.3838 ext. 302. We are glad to share additional information as well as schedule a demonstration with you related to CHiPS. We are eager to discuss your needs and actively listen to your objectives and goals for the future of your healthcare network.

2012 National Veteran Small Business Conference and Expo
Pleased to Participate and Support the Department of Veterans Affairs



Romanyk Consulting Corp. (RCC) was happy to participate in the 2012 National Veteran Small Business Conference and Expo, held at the Cobo Center in the heart of Detroit, MI. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) in partnership with the Veteran Federal Interagency Council hosted the event and we were pleased to participate and support the conference again.

Our firm participated in all days of the Conference and Expo held from June 26-29. We were excited to take part again after participating in the 2011 Conference and Expo in New Orleans, LA. Our team took advantage of the valuable VA conference breakout sessions, networking meetings, and exhibitor Expo hall. We were delighted to meet with prior, current, and potential VA clientele. Our firm holds the relationships we have developed within the VA very closely and we are always pleased to support the VA and our Veterans.

We thank those individuals that met with us at our exhibitor booth, during breakout sessions, or across the Expo hall. Our team is excited to build on the relationships discovered during our time in Detroit and we are looking forward to supporting the VA and participating again 2013.