Product Comparison & Analysis

Romanyk Consulting Corp. (RCC) is a proven provider of management expertise within Information Technology (IT). Our team has a wealth of knowledge and experience in product comparison and analysis solutions. Our expertise and prior experience enables us with the ability to offer unique perspectives on product recommendations for our clients. We can assist in finding the right IT system for you and your organization. The following steps highlight the complete IT product comparison and analysis solution offered by RCC:

  • Requirements gathering – The first step for finding the right product or system for our client is to identify what features are needed now and what features are needed into the future. Our team interviews users to understand and determine how the system will be used. We gather requirements from your IT personnel to find out what they are comfortable supporting and how it fits into the organization’s overall IT infrastructure. Additionally, RCC collects requirements from departmental managers to determine how the system will be used from a planning and organization perspective, and to identify budgetary constraints that may limit project scope.
  • Initial product summative assessment – The next step winnows down the system options to a reasonable number. Typically, IT solution alternatives are numerous and diverse, and deciding what system best meets the needs of the organization within budgetary constraints is daunting. However, the knowledge of our team can identify those options best suited to our individual client’s unique needs.
  • Formative product assessment – After reducing the list of solutions to a manageable level, we generate a detailed weighted scoring of the finalists. This weighted scoring relates directly to the requirements gathered in the initial phase, with a focus on the client’s concerns and technical specifications. If appropriate, we arrange for potential vendors of enterprise software to give on-site demonstrations of products believed to satisfy the requirements. Alternatively, as described in the next section, RCC’s engineers can develop and implement custom designed software if available enterprise products do not exist to satisfy the need.
  • Analysis and recommendation – The final step is a detailed report of the entire process. This includes the requirements, the weighted score for each system, and a clear IT recommendation from our firm.

We can support your organization to achieve goals and objectives utilizing IT. Our product comparison and analysis solution is critical for an organization in order to ensure it has the right IT system fitting their needs and wants.