Health planning, strategic planning, and information technology planning encompass the areas upon which Romanyk Consulting Corp. (RCC) was first established. Planning is essential in an organizations day-to-day operation and critical to future success. The process of planning is flexible to change, continuous in thought, and proactive in character. To determine with clarity where an organization wants to go, it first needs to know where it stands today. From here, an organization can then determine where it needs to focus and plan accordingly on how it will get there.

RCC is experienced and proven in numerous areas of planning. Our planning solutions are not limited to the following, but we hold unique expertise in the planning solutions listed:

  • Workload allocation modeling
  • Facility master planning
  • Health planning and analysis
  • Strategic planning and balanced scorecard
  • Information technology strategic planning

Using proven tools and methodologies, we team with our clients to understand their unique skill sets and develop a clear picture of the organization’s mission, goals, and objectives. We combine these proven planning tools with our team’s unique abilities, and our client’s vision, to generate a clear and executable path forward to achieving desired results. All of our planning solutions integrate teamwork, people, processes, and technology.

RCC solutions for planning, give our clients assurance in their organization’s direction and guidance for achieving vision and goals.