Lucas Miller
Practice Manager – Delivery Network Planning
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RCC provides strategic capital asset management planning services to meet the need of a constantly evolving planning environment. Our approach incorporates critical exploration of administrative, logistical, as well as stakeholder and end user functions that result in specific goals for reinvented processes. RCC provides planning solutions with a process that determines:
The right services consistent with our client’s strategic initiatives, market influencers, and desired business goals, at:
  • The right size based upon projected need for services, staffing models, technology requirements, and desired features, in:
  • The right location based upon access, operational productivity, and facility compatibility, with:
  • The right financial structure to include owning, leasing, or collaboration with other organizations.
RCC develops our planning and analyses solutions by incorporating:
  • Evaluation of demographic and market trends,
  • Organizational strengths and weaknesses in terms of strategies, service programs, financial capability, and capital infrastructure,
  • Stakeholder input from the organization’s desired sources,
  • Projection of future opportunities for service enhancement and/or expansion, and
  • Addressing and developing plans to overcome any challenges to the successful execution of proposed solutions.
Our team typically performs our planning and analyses solutions as part of a strategic planning process or facility master plan. Additional planning that should be considered are financial, staffing, as well as operational plans.