Operations Support System Analysis

Technology and network systems have transformed the way organizations operate. The ability to offer a wide range of leading edge services in a short time places enormous demand on operational infrastructure. To keep pace, organizations have either implemented commercial solutions for automated provisioning, or have developed in-house solutions. Regardless of which, Romanyk Consulting Corp. (RCC) is familiar with and skilled in the operational and technical issues related to Operational Support Systems (OSS) as well as related Business Support Systems (BSS).

OSS is used by organizations to support network integrity, configure network components, and manage faults. OSS maintains traditional resource facing service domains as well as the network itself. Additional automated interface applications and OSS integration deals directly with customers and business support. The integration of BSS into an organization can automate customer orders, billing, as well as payment collection. Our team can support planning and implementation of OSS into your organization to improve efficiency, re-align resources, and discover cost improvements. The opportunity for OSS interface integration into organizations is rapidly advancing by custom and proprietary technology. RCC’s analysis and approach to OSS architecture is focused on the following four elements:

  • Processes
  • Data
  • Applications
  • Technology

Our OSS analysis defines processes, the sequence of events, as well as the information acted upon. Further analysis examines components of data management and the processes used in implementation. The final element of technology discovers how to implement needed applications or improvement initiatives. RCC is capable and prepared to design, implement, link, plan, as well as manage a custom OSS architecture for your organization.