Operational Assessment

How much do organizations waste with ineffective processes and structures that impede performance, or poor space design? Is your organization designing a new facility or needing to measurably improve its performance and efficiency? Romanyk Consulting Corp. (RCC) can assist with these complex questions as well as offer actionable solutions beginning with an operational assessment.

A full operational assessment will evaluate, in detail, the effectiveness and performance of all key processes. We use the latest tools including an advanced software simulation system to map out the flow of current processes. The program can handle any number of integrated processes, and with the help of animated simulations that take into account time and special configurations, the system will identify targets of opportunity for process improvement. We can then plug in any number of proposed modifications to the processes and thus find the best solution. Through succession of analysis and teamwork we can determine where opportunities for improvement exist. Such in-depth operational assessments performed by our team examine the following:

  • Service, quality, and productivity
  • Work flow and work process
  • Organizational structure
  • Reporting and communication
  • Physical layout

Organizations spend millions of dollars and large amounts of work hours within ineffective and unproductive operational activities. The operational processes within an organization must adjust and re-align with current technology and methodology to remain effective and competitive. RCC’s operational assessment solution addresses this need so that your organization can maximize time and cost savings.

We recognize that every organization is different and faces unique operational challenges. That is why we place emphasis on customized solutions tailored to the individual needs and concerns of our clients. Our operational assessment solution and methodology has been proven repeatable and effective for numerous clients and you can be assured that it will greatly benefit operations at your organization.