Mobile Application Technology

Romanyk Consulting Corp. (RCC) brings your organization proven capabilities in tailored mobile application technology services for the most popular communication devices today. Mobile application technology and use is growing at a dramatic rate. This rapidly growing technology is enabling organizations to reach out and connect with their desired audience, by means only dreamed of until recently.

With the changing mobile application technology landscape, RCC is discovering ways to leverage innovative solutions to achieve or realize value for our clients. Our firm understands that mobile technology and mobile software applications are taking center stage in today’s markets. Organizations have an opportunity to make significant advancements and improvements with mobile application technology. Advancements and improvements are unlimited and can help organizations rapidly move in a direction of greater efficiencies, communication, and overall satisfaction.

RCC consultants bring expertise in developing mobile applications for Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Android, and other smart phones and tablets. Our mobile applications are Web applications that utilize tools such as HTML5, CSS3, FileMaker Go, and JavaScript in order to best leverage the mobile device capabilities. We focus on optimizing the balance of development between the immediacy of the device and the enterprise capabilities of the Web server.

Mobile applications developed by RCC can range from simple, self-contained informational utilities to fully integrated data-driven applications that communicate to a server, pushing updates to devices in real time and making use of device instrumentation. Additionally, our mobile application solutions can use social networking or gamification techniques to improve engagement and usability.

We can assist your organization in all aspects of design, development, as well as mobile application delivery. Our mobile application capabilities include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Multiple platform support, via HTML5 or native applications
  • Transform existing web applications into mobile applications
  • Simple informational utilities
  • Database application interfaces
  • Applications that take advantage of location, imaging, or other device capabilities
  • Design consulting

With RCC support and mobile application technology your organization can achieve more. The benefits of mobile application technology range from improved service to greater flexibility, enhanced interaction, user empowerment, time and cost savings, more efficient systems as well as processes, and much more.