Information Technology

Romanyk Consulting Corp. (RCC) is capable and qualified to assist your organization with information technology (IT) solutions. Our firm knows that IT systems successfully implemented and managed for sustainment allow for significant improvements in productivity, process efficiencies, resource utilization, data integrity, and much more. With appropriate IT systems, an organization is afforded the opportunity to process large amounts of data and present key end users with clear, practical, concise, and valuable information.

RCC offers a unique range of solutions that are tailor-made to fit client IT needs and concerns. We are experienced and proven in numerous IT solutions and services. The list of IT services and solutions outlined below provides some, but not all, of the solutions our highly experienced IT consultants provide:

  • Technology assessment
  • Product comparison and analysis
  • Software development and implementation
  • Operations support system analysis
  • Program management
  • Mobile application technology

IT solutions and systems function in the background of an organization, nevertheless, they are also the backbone of the organization. RCC understands that if IT systems fall short or are not aligned with organizational goals and objectives, the organization’s effectiveness is hampered. RCC’s unique range of IT solutions and services can provide assurance that you are utilizing your IT infrastructure in a means that best supports the organization’s mission.