Health Planning and Analysis

Romanyk Consulting Corp. (RCC) is a proven provider of health planning and analysis. Our comprehensive planning solution is a multi-step process that is used to analyze and plan for needed healthcare services into the future. Health planning and analysis should be considered the first step in determining healthcare needs and includes the following analyses:

  • Population analysis
  • Space planning development
  • Demand analysis
  • Workload analysis

The goal of our analyses and methodology is aimed at allowing your healthcare facility to:

  • Enable development and testing of alternative options to ensure flexibility
  • Ensure accurate translation of strategic objectives into physical solutions
  • Achieve understanding, consensus, and facility wide support
  • Effectively communicate the consequences and opportunities of proposed actions
  • Facility master plan

Our team typically performs our health planning and analysis solution as part of a facility master plan or strategic planning process. With health planning and analysis complete, additional planning that should be considered are financial as well as operational plans.