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RCC implements Building Information Modeling (BIM)/Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CAD) in a variety of scenarios, particularly with the Department of Veterans Affairs in Veterans Integrated Service Networks across the country. Our technicians are adept at converting 2D drawing to 3D and developing databases to support facility management. BIM/CAD enables recording existing facility conditions, generating single line diagrams, two and three-dimensional representations, and data reports. It establishes “one stop shopping” through a single Facility Management Workstation for tracking, monitoring, and validation of critical programs. Having graphic maps of facilities enables enhanced retention of as built drawings in electronic, searchable form. When renovations or modifications are planned, having 3D graphic representations of buildings is invaluable.

On a design level, RCC takes full advantage of all the benefits of Building Information Modeling. By using BIM to its fullest in design, sets the foundation for facility management, ensures delivery will be on time, within budget, and provide a sustainable environment for its users.